16 May

Use draw.io on a Tablet

You are used to using diagramming software on your desktop. But sometimes you want to work on a diagram when not at your computer. Put away your keyboard and mouse – draw.io works just as well on a tablet.

draw.io - Use it offline and on a tablet

draw.io – Creating a new diagram on an iPad, and offline.

draw.io supports all of the popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and MS Edge. draw.io even works offline!

draw.io - on a Pixel (Android) tablet

draw.io – on a Pixel (Android) tablet in Chrome, not in full-screen mode

Want draw.io on your home screen?

Even though there is no draw.io app, if you have an Android tablet or an iPad, you can add draw.io to your home screen. From there you can open it as if it were a native app.

This also works on Android and iOS smartphones, but you really don’t want to diagram on such a small device!

For the offline version of draw.io go to https://www.draw.io/app

Android tablets: Select the vertical “…” then “Add to Home screen”. Enter the name for the home screen icon then select “Add”.

draw.io - Add to home screen for Android draw.io - Add to home screen for Android draw.io - Add to home screen for Android draw.io - On the home screen for Android

iPad: Select “Share“, then “Add to Home Screen“. If you want, you can change the name, then select “Add“.

draw.io - Add to home screen

Add draw.io to your home screen

draw.io - Like a native app on the home screen!

Like a native app!










You can now see the draw.io icon on your home screen and can use it just like a native app!

Just getting started with draw.io?

Have a look at our cheat sheets for beginners, or read through our getting started guide.

Jorgen says:

I can’t get connectors to work using draw.io on my iPad.
Connection points are supposed to turn up when you hover over a shape, but how do I hover on a touch screen?

Kymberly Fergusson says:

Hi Jorgen! You’re right – there is no hover on a touch screen. 🙂
You can add a connector using the four blue arrows that appear when you select a shape, or drop one into the drawing area from the symbol library.
If you want to move an existing connector to a different connection point on a shape, you can drag the end of the connector just as you would with a mouse.

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