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16 Feb

Design Rules for Infographics

Just as you would space things appropriately and evenly, and choose matching items when setting the table for a formal dinner, an infographic follows the same design rules.

03 Aug

Need a quick org chart?

In the advanced library of draw.io, there are 4 auto-layout containers at the end of the library. There are vertical/horizontal

13 Jul

New Github Repository

New Github repository with diagram examples (to replace all examples hosted on Google Drive) https://github.com/jgraph/drawio-diagrams

10 Jul

New Edge Styles

Adds vertical/horizontal elbow and isometric edge styles. (Double click on center point handle to change direction.)

09 Jul

Changes Default Paper Size

Changes default paper size to Letter in USA, Canada and Mexico. Adds View, Page Scale option for changing “pt” unit.

08 Jul

New Retina Option

Adds Retina option in embed image dialog for high-definition images.