26 Jan

Why Are Diagrams So Powerful?

Visual communication has quickly risen to be the dominant form of communication on the web, and is increasingly used within corporate intranets. In fact, diagrams are more popular than text when presenting certain types information, particularly dense information. But why are diagrams so useful and so often used?

21 Jan

Text Plugin

Extract all text in a diagram? There’s a plugin for that!

18 Jan

Properties Plugin

New props plugin (p=props) for showing metadata in chromeless mode / lightbox  show example

12 Jan

draw.io – Diagrams in Confluence: Testimonial from Thomas Krause (Agilent Technologies)

“No context switching, good support, extensibility, great potential” Thomas Krause from Agilent Technologies provides a short testimonial about draw.io for Confluence in the video below. draw.io

05 Jan

Testimonial: draw.io for Confluence in the Workflow of a Software Development Team (Utoolity)

Why use draw.io as a diagramming tool in Confluence? draw.io is a mature add-on for the creation of professional diagrams in Confluence, which is

23 Dec

Insert from text now supports PlantUML

Insert from text now supports PlantUML

13 Dec

Diagrams with draw.io for Confluence: Our New User Documentation Is Online

Your quick introduction to diagramming in Confluence The diagramming tool draw.io has been the highest customer rated Confluence add-on in

08 Dec

Find and Tags

Makes Find (Edit, Find) and Tags (Extras, Tags) plugin functionality default.

08 Dec

Number Plugin

“Number” Plugin for enumerating elements (via View, Number).

21 Nov

30K+ Reviews

A big thanks to our users for 30K+ reviews and an average rating of 4.92 out of 5!