23 Dec

Insert from text now supports PlantUML

Insert from text now supports PlantUML

13 Dec

Diagrams with draw.io for Confluence: Our New User Documentation Is Online

Your quick introduction to diagramming in Confluence The diagramming tool draw.io has been the highest customer rated Confluence add-on in

08 Dec

Find and Tags

Makes Find (Edit, Find) and Tags (Extras, Tags) plugin functionality default.

08 Dec

Number Plugin

“Number” Plugin for enumerating elements (via View, Number).

21 Nov

30K+ Reviews

A big thanks to our users for 30K+ reviews and an average rating of 4.92 out of 5!

18 Nov

Diagramming in Confluence – Mass Import from Gliffy to draw.io

draw.io is the most powerful diagramming add-on for Confluence. It allows you to create and collaboratively develop graphs and diagrams of

16 Nov

draw.io for Confluence: Multi-Page Diagrams

Confluence diagrams with multiple pages Have you ever faced the challenge where you must put an enormous amount of information in

12 Nov

Page Placeholders

Using page placeholders in draw.io diagrams.

11 Nov

Find Plugin Update

Find Plugin now supports regular expressions & searches metadata.