25 Aug

Visio Alternative for Confluence

Visio® is a great tool, but the usage flow does not fit in with that of Atlassian’s collaborative wiki, Confluence.

25 Aug


Using ctrl+shift+drag (space tool), replace shape and ctrl+resize (centered resize) in a flowchart.

25 Aug

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

How to use the scratchpad in an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) to copy and automatically link complex container shapes in draw.io.

16 Aug

Free draw.io Webinar in German Aug 17th at 10:15am

We will host a German draw.io webinar about diagrams for quality management and diagram use cases in the intranet tomorrow

10 Aug

Add and rotate connector labels

You can double click anywhere on a connector to add a text label in that position. Once created, that label

09 Aug

Quickly add text to shapes in draw.io

You can add text to any shape from the symbol library in draw.io once it has been dropped onto the drawing area. Simply click on the the shape and start typing.

06 Aug

Enterprise Integration Patterns Stencils

draw.io supports a full set of Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP). You can find them in the more shapes dialog

03 Aug

Need a quick org chart?

In the advanced library of draw.io, there are 4 auto-layout containers at the end of the library. There are vertical/horizontal

03 Aug

Extracting the XML from mxfiles

The default format for saving diagrams was changed some time ago from raw XML to XML compressed using standard deflate.

02 Aug

Quickly swap shapes

You can quickly swap a shape in-place in draw.io. Drag the new shape from the library on top of the