28 Jul

Publish diagrams to Github

You can now publish your draw.io diagrams directly to Github. Select File->Publish->Github and fill in the authentication details.

28 Jul

JIRA Server licensing fix

Switching draw.io for JIRA Server to being free on the release seems to have causing a caching issue with

27 Jul

draw.io Floorplan stencils

Have you tried the floorplan stencils in draw.io? You can open the library directly by using the libs parameter, https://www.draw.io/?libs=floorplan.

26 Jul

Setting global diagram variables locally

draw.io adds a special field called “placeholder” in the metadata of cells. Setting “placeholder” as the key inserts the

25 Jul

Support for your language in draw.io?

Helping us translate the menus and dialogs in draw.io is very simple to do. Email us for write access (email support@draw.io)

22 Jul

draw.io for JIRA is now free

As of today’s version draw.io Diagrams for JIRA Server is available in the Atlassian marketplace for free.

22 Jul

Adding SVG vectors to draw.io

You can add an SVG to your draw.io diagram by simply dragging the SVG file in from the filesystem and

22 Jul

draw.io status page

If you’re having problems connecting to draw.io, or saving/loading to cloud services, it’s worth checking out our draw.io status page.

19 Jul

Draw.io for Chromebooks

Free draw.io diagram editor for chromebooks and desktops now featured in the Chrome Web Store https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/drawio-desktop/pebppomjfocnoigkeepgbmcifnnlndla

13 Jul

New Github Repository

New Github repository with diagram examples (to replace all examples hosted on Google Drive) https://github.com/jgraph/drawio-diagrams