29 Jun

Infographic: Why Diagrams Are Important

To go with our earlier blog post explaining why diagrams are so powerful and important, we’ve created a new infographic. You can use this to persuade your co-workers and management to make draw.io available to everyone in your company – you’ll see increased productivity, collaboration and better problem solving, we’re sure!

Need some more convincing? Our white papers will help you build a strong case for diagramming in your company.

draw.io is great for infographics

You can create great infographics in draw.io easily by using existing shapes in our extensive symbol library, or adding your own in a custom library. Open the infographic below in draw.io and see how we constructed it.

For more information about creating infographics in draw.io:

draw.io infographic: Why diagrams are important

Need help with draw.io?

Are you new to draw.io? Here are some resources to get you up and running quickly.

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