23 Mar

Google Docs Add-on Now Supports High-Resolution Images

Are you tired of seeing low-resolution draw.io diagrams when you print from Google Docs? This is no longer a problem!

Support for high resolution images  has been added to the Google Docs Add-on, which allows you to embed draw.io diagrams directly in your documents.

Step 1: Install the draw.io Add-on for Google Docs

If you haven’t used draw.io with Google Docs before, add it from the Chrome webstore, or from within a Google document, select Add-ons from the menu, and then search for draw.io using the search function at the top right of the dialog box.

draw.io: Google Docs - search for add-ons

Accept the permissions that are displayed to install the draw.io add-on.

If you don’t have any draw.io diagrams stored in your Google Drive, you’ll need to create a diagram: Go to drive.google.com, click New and then select More → draw.io Diagrams. When you are finished, save your diagram.

Now, you are ready to insert a high resolution version of your diagram into a Google document.

Step 2: Insert a high resolution diagram

Select Add-ons → Draw.io Diagrams → Insert Diagrams

Insert draw.io diagram in Google Docs

Select the diagram you want to insert into your document, and click Select.

Make sure the Retina checkbox is selected in the following dialog, and click Insert.

Insert high quality draw.io diagram in Google Docs

Your diagram will be inserted into your document and automatically linked to the draw.io file stored in your Google Drive. You can see that it is a high-resolution version because ?scale=2 has been added to the diagram link.

High resolution draw.io diagram in a Google document

Tip: Convert existing draw.io diagrams to high-resolution

To convert an existing draw.io diagram in a Google document, simply add ?scale=2 to each diagram link, as you can see in the image above.

Now your diagrams will look stunning when printed!

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