06 Mar

GitHub Support

This new release of draw.io supports GitHub, using OAuth, which means that draw.io never will see your GitHub password.

Diagrams can be opened from, saved, and exported to your repositories. Note that there is a 1MB file size limit on files stored in GitHub.


Step 1: Open draw.io

To use draw.io with GitHub, go to the following link: https://www.draw.io/?mode=github

You can either create a new diagram, or open an existing diagram. For this example, we’ll create a new diagram.

Create new draw.io diagram using GitHub


Step 2: Create a diagram

Select a diagram template, enter a filename for your diagram, and click Create. For this example we will create a blank diagram.

draw.io and GitHub - Create new blank diagram


Step 3: Authorize draw.io to use GitHub

You need to authorize draw.io to use your GitHub account. Click Authorize, then log into GitHub.

Authorize draw.io to use GitHub


Sign in to GitHub to authorize draw.io


Step 4: Choose a repository

Choose a folder (your repository), and then click OK to create your new blank diagram, saved in your GitHub repository.

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