13 Jul

draw.io Self-Directed Training Course

As part of our preparation for Atlassian Summit Europe 2017, we created a self-directed training course for draw.io that walks new users through learning to use it well.  This course expands upon the concise Getting Started with draw.io for Confluence, giving you a deeper understanding of diagramming and helping you work with draw.io more effectively and efficiently.

Exercises to build your skills

Right now, there are ten exercises that build upon each other, helping you to become comfortable working with draw.io and its features. Each of these exercises has a more detailed explanation, giving you a helping hand if you get stuck, and example diagrams for you to aim for or use in the task. We’ll step you through these tasks in our next few posts.

A growing list of additional resources

Here are some links to whet your appetite:

What would you like to see added to this course?

We know there are many other exercises that we could add. We’d love to include specific exercises to help you – perhaps:

  • A diagram that you are struggling to create.
  • A task that you found difficult when learning to use draw.io.

Please let us know what you would like us to add!

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