29 Jun

Atlassian Cloud and Diagramming Add-on Pricing Changes

On 29th June 2017 Atlassian announced a new pricing for JIRA and Confluence Cloud, to make the pricing structure more flexible. Many customers asked for more flexibility in pricing – monthly subscribers will be able to pay for their exact number of users instead of slotting somewhere within a wide pricing tier, and there are more granular tiers for annual subscribers with 100+ users.

This significant change shifts Atlassian’s Cloud pricing to match the pricing that other cloud-based software uses.

This new pricing begins on 31 July 2017, and affects:

Core Atlassian ProductsAdditional products
JIRA Software
JIRA Service Desk
Capture for JIRA
Portfolio for JIRA
Team Calendars for Confluence
Questions for Confluence
All Atlassian Marketplace add-ons for both Confluence and JIRA Cloud

While the annual subscription prices for the lowest level of 10 users (25 for JIRA Service Desk) will not change, higher tiers have become more expensive.

Licensing for paid add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace for Cloud subscribers will match the new per-user monthly subscription and new tiers in the annual subscriptions, starting 31 July 2017.

Steps to take right now

  1. Use Atlassian’s pricing calculator for Cloud to find out how much your licenses will cost under the new structure.
  2. Consider switching to an annual subscription if you are on a monthly one – annual subscriptions currently give you a discount of about 2 months.
  3. You should immediately deactivate or delete inactive users so that you aren’t billed for licenses that you aren’t using, especially if you are on a monthly billing cycle. Follow Atlassian’s instructions to identify and deactivate inactive users.
  4. Reevaluate whether you would be better off switching to Atlassian server-based products instead of Cloud.
  5. Reevaluate your choice of paid add-ons – there may be better or equivalent add-ons that can save you (significant) money.

Diagramming add-ons for Confluence and JIRA Cloud

As a result of Atlassian’s price changes to all Marketplace add-ons, Gliffy for 10+ users in Confluence and JIRA Cloud has become much more expensive, at $3.80 US per user per month. Even with the increasingly larger discount for large numbers of users, companies approaching 2K users will need to pay upwards of $2000 US per month to continue using Gliffy.

Lucidchart is not affected as you purchase your licenses directly from them, outside of the Atlassian Marketplace.

But do you want the best news?

draw.io is free for Atlassian Cloud products

draw.ioBoth draw.io for Confluence Cloud and draw.io for JIRA Cloud are completely free for Atlassian Cloud users – add draw.io to your instances and start using it today.

With draw.io for Atlassian Cloud products you get:

  • Extensive functionality for both beginner and power users.
  • Revision tracking built right into Confluence’s page history.
  • Browser support for all the common browsers and even older versions (IE6+).
  • Extensive import/export options.
  • Excellent performance – it’s fast and not resource-hungry!
  • Modern technology – it’s based on HTML5 and not the outdated Flash.
  • Seamless integration with both JIRA and Confluence.

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